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Task Force Omega of Ky. Inc.
P.O. Box 69
Owingsville, KY 40360

Each year I am asked if this will be our last Ride for Freedom. I am well enough and Rainelle is recovering from a disastrous flood that about destroyed the town. They are building back. Get ready for our 30th Annual Ride for Freedom – Kentucky to LZ Rainelle.

It is easy to see why some people in America only care about their family and themselves. If you care about our POW/MIAs and our veterans, then this year will be the time to do something. Go with us as we go to the schools and teach patriotism, the POW/MIA issue, and what it took to have the freedoms we have today. Do not wait until you cannot go and help others. The time to fight for the America we once had is now. With the election of President Trump I am now seeing hope for a better change. People are now optimistic about their future. We are truly the “Silent Majority” that love America and do not care to show it. Do we just give up in disgust, or do we not care enough to do something? I believe it is time, more than ever, to cross that line in the sand. Ride, or drive, with us to show that we still care about our POW/MIAs who are being forgotten, and our Veterans who have been treated like second class citizens.

IIt was easy for us to wave the flag after we were attacked by Islamic Terrorists on 9/11. So where did all of the passionate, caring people go? Will they stand in the rain and wind and say, “Enough of destroying our American values! We want the great America our WWII veterans fought for!” Will you join in? They fought, and died, not for us to go back, but to move forward to a better future. Many were captured, and became POW/MIAs. You are receiving this letter because we hope that you are a person who cares about the live American Prisoners of War abandoned after our wars. Every president, from Eisenhower until now, has left our POW/MIAs to rot and be forgotten. Even now some of your veterans are being disrespected and not being treated like the heroes they are. William Milliner, Vietnam POW, who was shot down over Laos March 6, 1971, has the largest classified POW file of which we are aware. It is time to declassify William Milliner’s file, and make it available, not only to his remaining family, but to the public. We are not aware of any central location containing all of his information, but parts of the information associated with his file are within the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other agencies.

So, do you care enough to do what is necessary? Only you know for sure. We are riding for those POW/MIAs and veterans that can’t, to remind everyone that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! I hope you DO care and will go with us.

It is hard to believe this is the 30th Ride for Freedom. In `1987, I read a letter in Easyrider Magazine from Marine Vietnam Veteran Ray Manzo. He had sent this letter asking for a motorcycle ride to Washington, DC to help bring home our live American POWs abandoned in Vietnam. About 20 of us form Kentucky went by motorcycles and vehicles and that was the first Rolling Thunder Rally for POW/MIAs held in 1988. That first year, I met Ray Manzo, John “Top” Holland, Larry Darkow, Joe “Lefty” Hyde and a few others. From that small beginning with about 3,000 motorcycles, the rally for our POW/MIAs grew to thousands each year. I worked with Ray until 1992, when I met Artie Muller. I worked with him on the rolling Thunder Rally until 2003. At one time I was honored to lead about 400 motorcycles and about 500 people from Kentucky to the Rolling Thunder Rally in Washington, DC.

In the beginning, Ray Manzo wanted rallies for our POW/MIAs in other towns across the USA on Memorial Day weekend. In 1991, we had a rally in Kansas City, MO, as well as, Washington, DC on Memorial Day. We were honored to have Ray Manzo with us on our Ride for Freedom 2014 in Rainelle, WV.

It does no matter where you go on Memorial Day weekend as long as you spread the word about our abandoned POW/MIAs and our Veterans. This year will be our 13th year of staying Memorial Day weekend in Rainelle, WV. You are welcome to ride with us or join us there.

IIf you want a hotel room at the Rainelle Rising Motel (formerly Rainelle Motor Lodge) call 561- 305-8941. There are 12 room available (6 single and 6 double) there. Reservations will be taken for the 3 nights that we are in Rainelle. If you make a reservation and can’t make it, cancel at least 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged. You can also camp in Rainelle or stay at another hotel of your choice. Everyone is welcome to come to Kentucky and travel with us. Motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc. are all welcome. You can also join us anywhere along the route. Remember, this is not a party! This is a mission for our POW/MIAs and our veterans. You do not need to be a veteran, ride a motorcycle or belong to any organization or club. It is not about the motorcycles, leather, or even being a veteran, although a lot of us are veterans and ride. It is about our POW/MIAs and our veterans. If you care and want to do something for our abandoned and forgotten POW/MIAs and our veterans, then come with us.

Complete information about our Ride for Freedom Kentucky to LZ Rainelle is enclosed. There is no charge to go with us. If you want to help with our expenses, donations may be sent to Task Force Omega of Kentucky, Inc. at the address above. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is tax deductible. Although we do not have road guards, police and other vehicles help us along the route. Read all of the safety information on the back of the flyer. Please follow these safety guidelines if you are going with us. I will lead the group. Everyone else just follow and enjoy the ride! Unfortunately, you will be in the minority if you care, however we can make a difference! We helped pass the “Persian Gulf War POW/MIA Accountability Act” (Public Law 107-258), which gives protection to certain foreign nationals and their families, if they assist in rescuing a live American Prisoner of War. This law applies to ANY FUTURE CONFLICT. The man who helped rescue West Virginia’s Iraq POW Jessica Lynch, and his family, were protected due to this legislation.

Now that you have read this, I hope you will go with us. Our 30th Annual Ride for Freedom, Kentucky to LZ Rainelle, will bring attention to our abandoned POW/MIAs and our veterans who deserve better treatment. You can be part of an army that cares. I hope to see you as we drive/ride for freedom. It is an army of people that will not sit idly by and see another American POW/MIA deserted, abandoned and forgotten and our veterans treated like second-class citizens. You will be among some of the greatest people in the world: people that fight for others.

Free and thankful,
Danny “Greasy” Belcher

Published on: 2005-04-27 (34902 reads)

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