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Father of Iraq POW/MIA Matt Maupin Statement
Posted on September 16, 2006

Gulf War Please read the information that Iraq POW Matt Maupin's father Keith Maupin sent me. Also, read NO One Left Behind by Amy Waters Yarsinske. Read how POW Scott Speicher was left behind during the first Persian Gulf War and the mistakes made and his being abandoned. We need to find Scott Speicher and Matt Maupin. They need to come home.There is no excuse for incompetence, betrayal and abandomentment.
Task Force Omega of KY Inc.
Vietnam Infantry Sgt. 68-69
"D" Troop 7th Sqdn. 1st Air Cav

----- Original Message -----
From: KeithMaupin
Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2006 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: Statement


Use it as often as you like. We appreciate it. Hope you and yours are doing well.
Till they all come home,


In a message dated 9/16/2006 10:04:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
We used your statement as you sent it. It was a wonderful ceremony on our Natl. POW/MIA Recognition Day. Everyone was shown the picture of Matt. Can I use your statement on our web page and also send it out? I want to keep attention on Matt. Thank you and Carolyn for everything.

Danny "Greasy" Belcher, Executive Director
Task Force Omega of KY Inc.
Vietnam Infantry Sgt. 68-69
"D" Troop 7th Sqdn. 1st Air Cav

----- Original Message -----
From: KeithMaupi@
To: Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 12:02 PM
Subject: Statement


Thanks for being willing to say something in our absence. There is so much to say I don't know where to begin.

This was sent to us from a church a little north from here. I think it would be good.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Matt Maupin. I was born on July 13, 1983, in Batavia, Ohio. in 2001 I joined the US Army not only for college monies but to defend yours and my country. I was assigned to the 705th Transportation Company in Dayton, Ohio. Three days before I returned from my basic training the 705th deployed to Iraq. I was assigned to the 724th Transportation Company in Bartonville, Illinois.

On April 9, 2004, I was on a fuel convoy near Baghdad International Airport, when our convoy came under attack, I was taken captive by Iraqi insurgents. I am still listed as Captured/MIA. Though I know there are those of my brothers that would prefer me to be called a POW/MIA. I believe that doing so would give the insurgents that captured me a sign of recognition of something they are not.

I spent my 21st birthday in captivity. As my second and third year of captivity draws nearer, I need to ask a favor of all my fellow Americans.

Would you please display my picturer? When you are saying prayers for my brothers and sister soldiers, please say a special prayer for me and my family. Please pray that the Lord give me courage and strength. That he give my parents hope that I will return soon to them. I feel that if all Americans pray for peace and my safe return it will happen. Please to continue to pray for me until I return home.

God bless you. Together as one we will make a difference.

Thank you

There is one more I think would be appropriate for this event. A poem written for Matt.

Remember My Face

It's been so long now I can't help but feel, my life is over, is this all really real; I've been a prisoner for such a long time, no one left behind, was that just a line; They beat and threaten my life with a shiv, name, rank and serial number, that's all I give; Does anyone even remember my name, or am I a soldier and prisoner of little fame; How much longer will I be held in this place, my name is Matt, do you remember my face; I'm an American soldier who willingly served, I can't help but think this is so undeserved; Have I been abandoned in this horrible place, will I die and disappear without leaving a trace; What about my buddies, who fought by my side, are they still fighting, has the war turned the tide; Will they come for me and free me from this fate, or will I die in this place a victim of fanatical hate; The country I love and served with such pride, has it turned its back on me now, has it lied; Please don't leave me behind, it would be a disgrace, my name is Matt Maupin, please, remember my face.

Unsigned. Written Saturday, May 28, 2005

Please tell them that after all these years, the Army is learning. They are learning that these soldiers of today are all volunteers of the Army. No one was drafted and they have to treat them and their families with completely different attitudes. They are doing this. Compared to the men left behind in Vietnam, the Army is trying to do the right thing. We are in contact with them on a minimum of weekly basis. We have a direct line to the Pentagon. Unheard of during the Vietnam conflict.

I would ask you to tell them to not allow the Army and our government to allow Matt to become a folder and be forgotten like they did the to all the men left behind in Vietnam.

If it weren't for groups like Task Force Omega, Some of the Rolling Thunder members and groups like the Chained Eagles of Ohio, all the men would have been forgotten in Vietnam.

One more mention from me...there are worse things that could happen to a soldier than being killed on the battle field. That would be being forgotten.

As I read this Danny it makes sense to me. If you would want to feel it necessary to change it a bit, I don't have a problem with it. Just don't let them miss the point.

To call Matt Maupin missing is missing the point.

Till they all come home,

Keith Maupin

SSgt. Keith Matthew "Matt" Maupin Captured 9-Apr-04

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